Best AeroGarden Custom Seed Pod Kits

By: Chris | Last Updated: October 14, 2021

As a gardener, I love customization. There are specific plant varieties that speak to my soul. I want to grow them and enjoy them. Buying pre-packaged seed kits is not my thing. What is my thing, is getting to choose every single pod that comes in a kit. Thankfully, AeroGarden has a way for you to do just that!

I’m going to show you how to create your own custom seed pod kits, plus I’ll share a couple of custom kits I built for my own personal use. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Note: All the custom seed pod kit recipes below are based on a 9 pod garden, like the AeroGarden Bounty.

How do AeroGarden Custom Seed Pod Kits Work?

Creating your own custom seed kit is simple. AeroGarden offers 4 base categories for custom kits: Custom Flowers, Custom Herbs, Custom Peppers & Tomatoes, & Custom Salads. Each of the 4 categories has a pod count selection to fit your garden.

Once you’ve selected the basic kit that fits your garden, click the Customize and Add to Cart button. From within there, you’ll be able to select the individual seed pods and quantities you’d like added to your kit. Once you’ve made all your selections, click Add to Cart.

That’s it. You’re now a custom seed kit master.

The All-Purpose Salad Custom Kit

As a salad fanatic, I fix a salad every night. That would get pretty lame if I was eating the same salad every night. Instead, I like to grow a versatile assortment of salad greens. With a bit of variety in the garden, you can create chef-quality salads that pair perfectly with your main course.

AeroGarden - Custom Salad Seed Pod Kit (9-Pod)
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So, what kind of salads are we talking about here? With this kit, you’ll be able to make chopped salads, Italian salads, arugula salads, Caesar salads, kale salads, and more. This is a truly versatile assortment of salad greens.

All-Purpose Salad Custom Kit Recipe

  • 1x Baby Greens Mix – This is the spicy side of the salad, containing a mix of Tatsoi, Kale Mizuna, Mustard Greens, & Arugula. Use this to put a little punch in your salad.
  • 3x Salad Greens Mix – The salad greens mix is going to be the heart of most salad creations. It contains a mix of butterhead and loose-leaf lettuces.
  • 2x Romaine Mix – Romaine hearts make gourmet Caesar salads and super crunchy chopped salads.
  • 2x Arugula Mix – Whether you’re a fan of arugula salads or just like to add a little pop to a chopped salad, arugula will deliver an awesome peppery flair.
  • 1x Deer Tongue Lettuce – A historic staple among lettuce in North America, deer tongue offers a sweet and nutty flavor. Its unique shape also adds texture and visual appeal to salads.

The Gourmet Herbs Custom Kit

When used correctly, fresh-cut herbs can send any dish into the realm of gourmet. Not to mention the luxurious scent of fresh herbs growing on the counter. This herbal roundup will have your friends drooling every time they walk past your garden!

Custom Herb Seed Pod Kit (9-Pod)
Customize Now
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This custom kit was designed to provide you with a diverse set of herbs that will liven up a full array of foods. There are two different kinds of bail: Genovese and Thai because they both have amazing aromas and flavor, and work with different dishes.

Gourmet Herbs Custom Kit Recipe

  • 1x Mint – A staple in Mediterranean, African, and Middle-Eastern cuisine. Pairs wonderfully with lamb, feta, strawberries, and garden peas.
  • 1x Cilantro – Slow cook with stems. Leaves work well with Asian and Latin American cuisine, a must-have in salsa.
  • 1x Basil: Genovese – Incredible with Italian dishes, tomatoes, shrimp, mozzarella, pasta, and beef.
  • 1x Basil: Thai – Wonderful in noodles with pork, chicke, or beef.
  • 1x Oregano – Use dried with khebabs, lamb, tomatoes, pizza, and olive oil.
  • 1x Rosemary – Roasted chicken, wild game, roasted potatoes, and garlic.
  • 1x Chives – Salmon, potatoes, eggs, butter, and cheese
  • 1x Thyme – Grilled meats, and roasted veggies
  • 1x Sage – Pork, rabbit, and eggs. Also great in frittatas!

Where’s the Spinach?

A quick search of the AeroGarden website will return zero results for spinach seed pods. There’s a reason for that. Originally, the company offered spinach pods, but the results were inconsistent. AeroGarden has since stopped offering spinach seed pods.

If you’re determined to have spinach in your garden, grab a Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit and plant your favorite spinach variety alongside the rest of your salad greens! These seed pods are simple to use and make your AeroGarden more versatile. Just don’t overload your garden with plants that get too big!

Alternatively, if you have a hydroponic system, use my guide to grow hydroponic spinach on your own! It’s easy, and you can grow spinach in a really inexpensive system without much work.

Additional Custom Seed Pod Kit Options

The last two custom categories are Custom Flowers, and Custom Peppers & Tomatoes.

The custom flower kit is fairly impressive with a choice between 13 different flower varieties. If you’re into flowers, designing your own custom arrangement can be a lot of fun! My favorite flower choice in this kit is the Snapdragon because it reminds me of an orchid, I love orchids.

Sadly, I’m a little disappointed with the lack of choices when it comes to the custom peppers & tomatoes kit. Choices are limited to 2 varieties of tomatoes, and 3 varieties of peppers. If you’re hoping for sweet peppers, you’re out of luck. All 3 pepper varieties are spicy, or hotter.

It would be great to see a couple of sweet, small varieties added to this list.

What’s Your Favorite Seed Pod Kit?

Have you been customizing your own kits? If so, I’d love to know what you’re growing! Send me an email and tell me what’s included in your customized kit. We can turn this into a list of Happy Hydro Farm reader-recommended custom seed pod kits!

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